June 1, 2023 ~


BIG and SINCERE thanks to all who've pre-ordered Ta Ta for Now—the Movie!

Today's the last day of the discount—but still time to get your copy for only $12.99. Tomorrow, June 2, price goes to $15.99.

It's been FUN working on this, and I know you're gonna love it! (I'll be watching the Amazon reviews, so lmk.)




May 12, 2023



       TA TA FOR NOW' is complete, finished, done!

       Click on the pre-order link above to nab a copy while the $3 discount is in effect (until June 2). After that, price goes to $15.99. Grab yours now! (Note, due to the screenplay format of this book, there won't be an ebook.) 

     So what's the flick about? Well…totally fun, but...I can't say much  because there are surprises throughout the script and I want you to  have the full cinematic experience. But it's fast paced, quirky, has plenty of giggles, and could even induce a tear, if you're the sentimental type. But you can tell from the title and images that it's light-hearted. 

       Snatch your discount! Then, when the book parcel arrives, snuggle in and enjoy the movie!

       Thanks in advance. I can't wait to hear your impressions!!   : ))




PS  If you're on Kaua'i, I'm signing books at Talk Story Book Store in Hanapepe on Friday evening, May 26, at the street fair.



Out of the blue!

       New book coming!

          I decided suddenly, at the suggestion of a friend who'd previously read it, to make one of my screenplays into a book. 

       Why not?

        Now it's going to press in a few weeks, being published in original screenplay format. (Screenplays are fun, especially if you've never read one).

         SO STAY TUNED. More info soon — about the story, a peek at the cover, release date, and pre-order opportunities. 

         We're going to the movies!


Wendy  xx  (head down for weeks)

P.S. There may be a 'discount' before release day for those on my email list, so sign on if you haven't yet!