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       I've begun recording audio versions of my books, after blabbing about it for a crazy long time. But it's no small endeavor, doing all the narration and production myself! And everyone knows mammoth new undertakings are daunting. 

       But it's fun!  And I'll keep you posted as I bumble along. Should have a book ready in a few months. And...I have a sneaky feeling my audio books will end up as my most popular versions.





P.S.  If you've read 'Nicaragua Story,' my newest book, please review it on Amazon. (You can always use an alias if you prefer low profile, and your review needn't be lengthy. ) Aside from reviews being the gifts that keep on giving (my book with the most reviews sells 4 times more than the others), I really want to know your thoughts about this book. It took tons of work and finesse getting it out there. and it's something of a departure from my other books. But, for those who give a damn about politics, humanity, and truth, it' s possibly my best and most important work. 

I think you should check it out.

Thank you.   <​​​3   

Nicaraguan Presdient (then and now), Daniel Ortega

Nicaraguan Presdient (then and now), Daniel Ortega

Pres. Daniel Ortega (rt center) and the esteemed Tomas Borge (left center)

Pres. Daniel Ortega (rt center) and the esteemed Tomas Borge (left center)


'Nicaragua Story' is now out in the world. 

The 2 above photos are mentioned toward the end of the story, where I attended a press conference for the original members of the "Frente," the early Sandinista revolution. The 2nd one of Daniel Ortega  shows how close I was able to get to the president.


Everyone, thanks SO MUCH for reading and reviewing my unusal story. Reading your reviews means everything to me! 

6 /4 / 22


—Back Roads of the Contra War'

Wow. Done!!!


Do I sound a little excited?

The picture to the right is Augusto Sandino, "most successful guerrilla warrior in modern history." The Sandinistas were named after him.

So......I need to acknowledge the incredible work that's gone into 'Nicaragua Story.' Not to sound whine-y, because I love writing books and am touched that people read and enjoy them, but this one is unlike anything I've done before. Despite the title, it's not so much a classic 'war' book as it is a story. 

In the final year of working on this, I delve deeply into Nicaragua's past. What I learned was so…shocking actually…that it ended up changing  the book itself.

But it had to be done. 

I'm looking forward to your impressions!

More soon ~ hugs, kisses, and aloha,


P.S. I think this book is timely, relevant, and compelling, but what do you think?

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