Yippee !

Folks, "I Did Inhale" is up and running! Click on the Amazon link to the right to see where it has claimed its sacred spot. It's also out on Barnes and Noble and everywhere else.

The book is currently available in pre-order mode. Order it now for $17.99 rather than the full price of $19.99 (as of Nov. 20). Do this if possible because you'll get your book before anyone else, plus it elevates author ranking in the Amazon-sphere. All pre-order sales are tallied into the book's first week's earnings, and the sales bump gives the book more visibility in Amazon searches.

Soon the ebook will also be available in all e-reader formats.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my email announcement with such enthusiasm. Thank you, thank you for your kindness, sweetness, and support. I look eagerly forward to hearing your thoughts about the book.

It's been delightful connecting with old and new friends during this launch. Really heartwarming. I'm, of course, trepidatious about letting all of you behind the scenes of my naughty past. But remember, past history is no indication of future performance.

Meanwhile, don't hesitate to share-share-share, to write reviews (especially at the site where you buy the book, and at Goodreads and Oprah's Book Club), to let me know what you think, and to check out my other books. "Expedition Costa Rica" will be next, in early 2016 if I'm lucky.

As we roll into holiday season, I wish you all the best kind of joy, family love, warmth, and friendship. Sit by the fire, read "I Did Inhale," and try to think up a title for your own book of crazy antics.

With aloha,


P.S. Amazon, my new best friend, has somehow collected both my published books plus some film productions I acted in, onto one page. Quite decent of them, couldn't have done it myself. (I don't get any money, though, if you buy the films.)

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