Pandemic and Poetry

I hope you're hangin' in through the pandemic.... Weirdest thing EVER.  I hope you're striving for optimal health and staying in the light.

My big news is that I have a NEW BOOK coming out in just a couple of weeks! It's a poetry collection, spanning much of a lifetime and many locations. I'm excited, and positive you'll love it. So get ready to FEEL. To be notified about the release, sign up on the CONTACT page. My email list gets first updates.

Meanwhile, welcome to my new website! Lotta work, sheesh! I will try to continually improve it. The cool thing is there's a store, so you can buy paperbacks here (at a $2 discount); we'll see about ebooks later on. (Ebooks available everywhere else, of course.)

Thanks for dropping in. Cruise around, leave a comment on the CONTACT page, and sign up for my email list if you're not on it.  

Sending out love and light as the planet heals, 


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