The Stardust is Settling

Born on the 3rd of July…this summer holiday is always a strong time for me. Downtime, loved ones connecting, looking at the year ahead…

And this year, it's a gathering of emotions, the ripple effects of my father's and sister's lives both suddenly ending. Two leaving at once was a complete blindside. You just want to say, "Really?" but there's far too much going on for that, with all family members as shocked and wobbly as you.(Neither Dad nor Leslie was sick.)

So you carve out sacred moments to separate the two precious lives, honoring each for the hugely different souls they were. As they, meanwhile, transition to spirit and seem in some ways more accessible than before. Not as far away, geographically at least.

Lots to be said about life and death. But mostly, we're here and life goes on. That, and attempting to live and love well. And not squander the breath we feel so entitled to.

So, friends, I'm still plugging away at 'Stars in Our Eyes,' my new book of short stories. In putting out a book, a writer's never really done—you can tweak it forever, and it only gets better; but the well runs deep, and there's ever something more bubbling up. Probably best to finish up and move on. 

I wish I was more buoyant right now. But deep down, I guess adjusting takes time. I hold the bigger picture most of the time, and overflow with gratitude about who my dad was to the world and to me. But I'll always be his little girl, looking up at the clouds.

I contemplate my sister's life, too, wondering about all kinds of things, and trying to understand her better. One would hope a writer could write about all this, but I don't know.

Sending summer winds your way. I hope you are taking care of yourself and each other. And I look forward to happy times ahead!

Many blessings,


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