~ into the new year ~

Aloha ~

January is my favorite month. It's a time of gently regrouping, ignoring 'resolutions,' and getting back to basics. January seems like the one month of the whole year when the world isn't pulling at you. Of course I live on a tropical island…but I enjoy winter Januaries, too. It's a time to actually live the life you've arranged, rather than being thrust into the social whirl.

For the coming year, I wish everyone strength. And I wish us freedom from inner dialogue we're sick of. I wish everyone opportunities to carve out special moments or hours. And I wish us all permission to be calmer, more universal, less predictable, and more slap-happy, childish, and generous. I wish us more rest, more awareness of all we have, and more resistance to stress.

The Kaua`i chickens are stirred up, but otherwise a gorgeous morning unfolds here. I'm grateful for a good night's sleep, a good book-signing last night at the Hanapepe Art Night, a wintry trip to the Mainland coming up in March—maybe Denver, Boulder and Portland, as well as my usual stops, Long island and Venice, Ca.

"Expedition Costa Rica," my next book, is coming in the first half of 2016. Right now I'm still in the slipstream of "I Did Inhale," but I may order some advance copies of "Expedition Costa Rica" for my 'Author Talk' event in East Hampton Library (East Hampton, Long Island) March 12, and have signed and discounted copies there for those who attend.

Please save the date: March 12 (1:00 - 2:30 pm, Saturday), and come by!

Meanwhile, sincere thanks to all who've purchased, read, and gifted "I Did Inhale" over the holidays and since. Additional thanks to everyone who's emailed kind words to me, and those who've rendered reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. [Amazon's search engine only recognizes books with 100+ reviews, so each and every one matters!]

If you haven't yet ordered "I Did Inhale," click the Amazon link to the right and get your paperback or ebook copy right now!!

And feel free to share your thoughts and impressions about my books in the comment section right here.

Have a lovely January!


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