Quick hello from me and l'il White Boy, taking a quick break from his all-day nap. Like everyone in the State of Hawai'i, we're a bit sluggish in the face of this G-R-E-Y winter that just won't quit. I know, I know…but still.

Meanwhile, I'm prepping for the LA Times Festival of Books on April 21-22. In keeping with staying out of my comfort zone, like I have one, I've taken a booth at this biggest-of-all-book-fairs. 17,000 people attend.

I'll be busy in booth #25 with my 4 books. If you're in or near LA, stop by! This free event also has seminars and panel discussions regarding everything about books. You can learn a lot about every aspect of writing and publishing. Free seminars all day long.


W and WB

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