Lotsa book stores, lotsa marijuana dispensaries, lotsa mountain air and mountains. Boulder/Denver was a dazzling change of scenery for a grass-skirted type like me. I could live there. I thought they'd swallow me and my books whole, but no. Turns out dispensaries are for buying drugs, not books. Okay then be like that.

I trucked around non-stop, covering a lot of ground and studying the scene—Boulder, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and of course Denver. Went to tons of book stores and libraries. Got a book-signing at Barnes & Noble in the fall, made connections, sold books, and ski-ed the learning curve.

The place is fresh, folks are easy-going. That's their brand, that's Colorado. The mountains are enticing, with tons of wild animals right there…and you can see them when you drive around. Puts things in perspective when you can't leave food in your car at night because a bear might rip off your car door. (My lodging was in the mountains.) 

Now I'm in Venice for a month. Stand by for "Expedition Costa Rica" news— release date and pre-launch coming soon. 

Hope you, too, are energized and powering on with electricity this season. Here's to strength, stamina, and bright ideas!

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