Out of the blue!

       Hey, I've got a new book coming out!!! Out of the blue. 

          I decided suddenly, at the suggestion of a friend who'd previously read it, to make one of my screenplays into a book. 

       Why not?

        So it's in the immediate works…going to press in a few days! 

It will be published in original screenplay format. I believe it reads best this way, no point in making it into a novel or something. Plus, screenplays are fun to read (especially if you've never read one).

       So STAY TUNED. This is front burner.

       I'll post more info here shortly — about the story, a peek at the cover (still crankin' on that), release date, and pre-order opportunities. 

       It's a FUN movie I know you'll enjoy!

       Back SOON !


Wendy  xx  (head down, 12-hour days)

P.S. There may be a 'launch discount' for the new book for those on my email list, so sign on if you haven't yet!