Travel all over the place, back in the days when you had to wait your turn for space on the on-ramp.  Or if you're too young for flashbacks, come see what it was like.  

                 $17.99 paperback, $7.99 ebook

                                     (audio in 2020)

                 335 pages 


~ no better gift for Boomers, ne'er-do-wells, or prisoners  ~ 



"Wittily written and a real page-turner you will wish went on forever." 


"Bursts with energy and originality."


"This bold story of love, heartbreak and realization should be made into a movie or TV series."


"A wonderful glimpse into a time gone by when life was user-friendly and the sky really was the limit." 

"I remember reading the last page and saying, 'Why does this have to end?" 


"The writing is clear and fun. The honesty is breathtaking." 


"Hilarious, unpredictable and a page-turner."


"A beautifully written book...with an ebullience that sweeps one through all the way to the end."

"An amazing era in our cultural history, unlikely to be replicated any time soon."


"Induces nostalgia for a lost age when people really did follow their dreams all over the globe."


"Brought that time to life for me, and made me want even more to have been part of it."


 "Funny, whimsical and irreverent."

truth and enlightenment


what and where are they


An informal approach to truth-seeking, this journal of a yoga instructor includes cosmic questions, quirky sidetracking, and lucid realizations. Often the metaphysical 'dawn' we’re reaching for remains out of reach until we helplessly let go; then the naked stillness sets in. 

A not-so-serious look at what is sacred. Lose and find yourself in these pages.


$11.99 paperback, $4.99 ebook

132 pgs.     (audio out soon)


~ no better gift for spiritual types  ~



"Fresh and delicious journey with a dose of hard reality.... In- trospective, challenging, sometimes painful, always fun."


"Writing that's loony and sensible at the same time"

"A beautifully written, thought-provoking book. Even those trained in yoga and meditation find that life sometimes intrudes."


 "A nice shortcut to bliss."

"I would recommend it to anyone of an inquiring mind and freedom of spirit."


"She goes to the spiritual left, always holding the big picture, with possibility and kindness."