We are the World

OMG. First, I hope you're hangin' in, effected as little as possible by you-know-what. Though we're all effected, we're also in it together. Weirdest thing EVER. But if you're not grappling with the bigger difficulties of the pandemic, I hope your head is screwed on tightly, you're not taking it too hard, you're striving for optimal health, and staying in the light. Regarding our communal future, the power of the mind and heart are phenomenal, and we all must spiritually direct humanity back on track. Or to an even better place than we were....

Next, big welcome to my new website! Lotta work, sheesh! And please bear with me as I try to continually improve it. The cool thing is that there's a store here, so you can buy books. Paperback for the moment; we'll see about ebooks later on. (Ebooks available everywhere else, of course.)

Oh God, SO much more to say and share, but I'll do it through an email to my list. For now, let me thank you for dropping in. Cruise around the site, feel free to comment on the CONTACT page. Or DEFINITELY sign up for my email list if you're not on it.  

Sending out love and light to the entire world, 


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