I'm in the middle of a crisp and unexpected, slightly inside-out adventure in Northern California. And that's why I so love road trips, and why I frequently say to my Hawai'i massage clients, "The worst experiences make the best stories."

For me, and probably for many of us in our sixties or older, 'worst' has new meaning than it did—NOT THAT I'M SEEKING disappointment and misadventure! But you have to admit, the morphing of something weird and bizarre into whatever it becomes can be intriguing, even fascinating. Maybe I'm jaded, spoiled, or been in da Islands too long, but 'camping' in January (as part of a quasi, emotional, actor-type undertaking) is riveting. To be learning (anything at all) is great. And I'm learning....about facades, about stigma, about economy, about dignity, and about sub-culture.

Sorry for being vague, but I feel a story coming on, and should write it for real rather than another paragraph here. It will have to do with Walmart, homelessness, my sister's death, her car, her boyfriend, my father's birthday, and the author road trip I thought I was embarking upon....

I love twists, turns, and winding country roads in the off-season. So here I am. In a solid car, with loving, helpful folk all around (including long-lost friends). I'm rested, free, and fully at peace with family members recently transitioned to spirit. And privileged beyond belief to have all I do. Including little White Boy, back on Kaua'i, who I'm told is doing fine but pretending to be hungrier than he really is. And it's working for him.

Meanwhile, I've got electricity in my veins because "Stars in Our Eyes" is launched and running. So many of you have purchased it, the sales are going swimmingly, and I CAN'T WAIT to hear your impressions, so hurry up and finish reading!!

Be Strong This Year!

Resist Temptation to be a Baby about Anything!

Don't Take the Tough Stuff Personally!

And When You're Delivered What Seems Like Bad News, Wait and Watch for What Follows—That's the Protein of the Situation!

Grab the Blessings in Front of You,

~ the kid ~




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