IT'S 2020 !!

Quick New Year's wish for comfort and joy to all! 

And an update:  Please watch for my TWO new books coming out this year. The first will be my POETRY collection, that I've been threatening to release for over two years now! I'm guessing it will be available by March 2020. I still have to decide whether to include some 5-6 poems...

Following that epic release, I'll have my "Nicaragua Story" ready for public consumption. (It's going for its final edit tomorrow!!) 

Both of these books excite me hugely, because they're one-of-a-kind. My poetry is not remotely like the writing of others'. And my story about Nicaragua ("Back Roads of the Contra War") is also unlike anything you'll ever read. I'll tell you more in the next couple of months! But wanted to get you excited about these books. Of course I can't wait to see how you like them!

XXXX, Wendy

P.S. Reviews are so valuable—please write one at Amazon if you've read my books and haven't done that yet!



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