Quick hello from me and l'il White Boy (taking a quick break from his all-day nap). Like everyone in the State of Hawai'i, we're a bit sluggish in the face of this G-R-E-Y winter that just won't quit. I know, I know…but still.

Meanwhile, I'm prepping for the LA Times Festival of Books on April 21-22 (at USC campus). In keeping with staying out of my comfort zone, like I have one, I've taken a booth at this biggest-of-all-book-fairs. 17,000 people attend this thing.

It will be really fun! And I now have 4 books, so I'll be busy in booth #25. If you're in or near L.A., stop by! I promise you it's fantastic. And the LA Metro stops right by the entrance.

This FREE event also has tons of free seminars and panel discussions regarding everything about books, books, books. You can learn a lot about every aspect of writing and publishing. You can go to seminars all day long for free.

Tickets to the scheduled discussions can be obtained on line. (I think there's a $1 fee per seminar.) To get these tickets for the talks, google LA Times Festival of Books, and look for the speakers' schedule.

Out on the campus, as well as authors, book stores, and publishers, there's also a poetry forum, tons of kids' stuff, food, and live music. I highly recommend this event for anyone into reading, writing, or publishing! 

Oh yeah, and I'm having a special Festival Discounts for all my books.

I wasn't really planning to write about this today, but I'm happy to let you know about it.

Sending sunshine your way,

W and WB


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