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Hi everybody ~

Daylight Saving Time just arrived, yet Hawaiian winter continues. The locals don't like it AT ALL. They can't even say the word "cold" as one syllable; they say it, "c-o-o-o-l-d," as if each 'o' goes down 2 degrees. Hawaiians think it's "fre-e-e-e-zing" if they have to put on socks ("soxes") at night or wear pants ("pantses") by day. The children think the world is ending.

I've been embroiled in a new book I've published under my Ava Greene pen-name, and the title is "Surviving Self-Publishing or Why Ernest Hemingway Committed Suicide." It's written with the light touch, providing earthy info as well as blindsides one wouldn't expect. It's really more like a long letter (135 pages!) to potential authors. And anyone and everyone who's considering self-publishing should DEFINITELY read this first. 

The book is out in ebook on Amazon and the paperback will be available everywhere April 1 (2019).

The reason I haven't mentioned it is because it's not like my other books, just something I needed to write because self-publishing is such a complex undertaking. I feel writers deserve a heads-up before donning their publisher hat.

By the same token, it IS doable! But worth knowing what to expect so you can determine if you're a viable candidate or should save your beans and hire help. 

The ebook's only $3.99—highly affordable so everyone can benefit from the info, and the paperback will be only $9.99. I'll post the cover here on the website soon.

Hope you're all doing well. Been a tough winter in many places, from what I hear, so I'm sending signs of spring your way and much aloha! No more c-o-o-o-o-l-d.



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