Fall is coming and so is my new book! (with a discount)

Just a wave to all my new readers. And a note suggesting you hit the contact tab here and send me your email address. If you've found my books on the internet or in a bookstore, that's the best way to be in the loop about my new books as they are released. So please do that now — just in time for "STARS IN OUR EYES," my fun book of short stories, that I keep on promising will come soon.

Right now, my release date guess is probably around Nov. 15...... Wish it was sooner, but a kid can only do what a kid can do.

I will say, with excitement, that it's a book you will all enjoy. Not a niche or genre collection at all, these stories cross over into different arenas, different tones, and different countries. So just a few more weeks and it will be available in paperback and ebook. For those on my email list, there will probably be a discount offer for the launch. 

See ya!

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