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    September is for traveling. And I just took a road trip around Montana, Idaho, and East Washington. 

    Montana is big, friendly, polite, and way more together than reputed. So is Idaho. (Boy do we urbanites have attitude.) Historic Butte was intriguing; serious creative rumblings in the 'biggest old town in the US.' Gorgeous brick buildings to restore, from the early 1920's. Helena, the capitol, has beautiful homes, with deer roaming through. Missoula's an energetic college town. And Bozeman—Boz-Angeles, as they call it—was disappointing, looks like one architect re-did the entire town. Livingston was my favorite, a nearly perfect small town. All you need is a little family to raise and you're good. But the population's only 7000, 10% of whom I met in two days. A bit intimate for a rowdy roadster, but fun fantasizing about my little shop, 'Your inner Buffalo.'

    Returning to Yellowstone was EPIC. 2-3 full days there is mandatory, it's so huge. You'll be charmed to know the bison are thriving. As are the moose, wolves, elk, deer, and bears—all of whom I saw in one day. (Did you know moose kill humans by stomping them to death? Those long legs are their defense, so don't go offering sips of your smoothie.)

    I then circled back to Northern Idaho and the town of Sandpoint, where my late sister spent a few years. That fantastic spot was a high point of the trip. Worth the long ride to the top of the panhandle.

    I also greatly appreciate Spokane, maybe the friendliest town I've ever visited. Something in the water there. It's like there's no such thing as stress. They'll hold open a Starbucks door for you while you're still walking across the parking lot. 

    Back on Kaua'i now...always good to come home...but what a great getaway, and I'm not done with the Northwest.

    Happy Indian Summer,






Quick hello from me and l'il White Boy, taking a quick break from his all-day nap. Like everyone in the State of Hawai'i, we're a bit sluggish in the face of this G-R-E-Y winter that just won't quit. I know, I know…but still.

Meanwhile, I'm prepping for the LA Times Festival of Books on April 21-22. In keeping with staying out of my comfort zone, like I have one, I've taken a booth at this biggest-of-all-book-fairs. 17,000 people attend.

I'll be busy in booth #25 with my 4 books. If you're in or near L.A., stop by! This free event also has seminars and panel discussions regarding everything about books. You can learn a lot about every aspect of writing and publishing. Free seminars all day long.

Out on the campus, as well as authors, there's also a poetry forum, kids' stuff, food, and live music. Oh yeah, and I'm having a special Festival Discounts for all my books.

W and WB


Crisp January


January greetings from Venice, CA.

Taking a well-earned break from writing.

After chilly holidays with warm family on Long Island, I flew to N. Calif. and embarked on a 21-day road trip all over the state. Finally made it to Yosemite (only took a lifetime), then down to LA! 

Lotta drivin', lotta mountains, a little snow, definitely cleared the mind. And I'm setting up a nice book tour in NoCal for later this year. 

Now loving SoCal for the food, friends, movies and good walks. And traveling is made better by having my new book to share. If you don't yet have a copy of "STARS IN OUR EYES," please grab one through the Amazon link ---->. You'll totally enjoy this book.

Much aloha ~

W xx


Fall is coming and so is my new book!


A wave to my new readers. If you've found my books on the internet or in a bookstore, please hit the contact tab here and send me your email address to hear about my new books, including "STARS IN OUR EYES," my short story collection.

Everyone will enjoy this book. The stories cross over into different realms, different tones, different countries. All my books are available in paperback and ebook. 


The Stardust is Settling


Born on the 3rd of July…this summer holiday is always a strong time for me. Downtime, loved ones connecting, looking at the year ahead…

And this year, it's a gathering of emotions, the ripple effects of my father's and sister's lives both suddenly ending. Two leaving at once was a complete blindside. You just want to say, "Really?" but there's far too much going on for that, with all family members as shocked and wobbly as you. (Neither Dad nor Leslie was sick.)

So you carve out sacred moments to separate the two precious lives, honoring each for the hugely different souls they were. As they, meanwhile, transition to spirit and seem in some ways more accessible than before. Not as far away, geographically at least.

Lots to be said about life and death. But mostly, we're here and life goes on. That, and attempting to live and love well. And not squander the breath we feel so entitled to.

So, friends, I'm still plugging away at 'Stars in Our Eyes,' my new book of short stories. In putting out a book, a writer's never really done—you can tweak it forever, and it only gets better; but the well runs deep, and there's ever something more bubbling up. Probably best to finish up and move on. 

I wish I was more buoyant right now. But deep down, I guess adjusting takes time. I hold the bigger picture most of the time, and overflow with gratitude about who my dad was to the world and to me. But I'll always be his little girl, looking up at the clouds.

I contemplate my sister's life, too, wondering about all kinds of things, and trying to understand her better. One would hope a writer could write about all this, but I don't know.

Sending summer winds your way. I hope you are taking care of yourself and each other. And I look forward to happy times ahead!

Many blessings,





Aloha Readers ~

I've been under a rock all winter, working on my new book. And the release date is still 2-3 months out. 

This book is a collection of true stories that I'm certain you'll enjoy. As in 'I Did Inhale,' there's no shortage of travel and adventure. I'm excited, but there's more work ahead. I'll post more info and release date soon!

This storybook could possibly be a companion book for "I Did Inhale," though I like making each book different. I'll tell you more about it shortly!

Looking forward to being back in touch. (Have been working a little too HARD.)

White Boy sends aloha.

xx  WMR  xx





       It seems the more we appreciate our blessings and all we have—invisible and visible—the more we want to appreciate everything. Until, ultimately, our gratitude itself seems regenerative. (And the word ‘generate’ has the same root as ‘generous.’ And throw in ‘energy,’ too.) Then, finally, the flow of ongoing gratitude seems simply an energy-saving, upgraded way to live. 

       That’s when seemingly bizarre events and bolts from the blue no longer need to be taken as injustices or roadblocks, but rather ‘interesting’ gifts we didn’t realize we needed. Sort of like when our parents gifted us with new shoes or a bike that were just a little too big, saying, “You’ll grow into them.” They wanted us to get the most out of the gift. 

       When we’re dealt a blow by the cosmos that sends us recoiling in stress or despair, could it be that Mother Nature or Father Sky is giving us something a little too big for us, knowing we’ll “grow into” the situation?

       I’ve been thinking of this as “preventative spirituality,” and the definition would be ‘a safeguarding of one’s wholeness and well-being by way of enhanced acceptance of all that is delivered.’ This complies with I Ching phrases like, “the superior man does not contend,” Buddhist teachings about upholding the middle ground and not being pulled to extremes, Bible parables like Jesus feeding the multitude from a spare amount of loaves and fishes, and the Taoist overview, “One who knows the Tao does not speak of the Tao.” (Oops, I just spoke of it.)

      Preventative spirituality multiplies appreciation beyond an utterance, an observation, or a prayer of thanks. It’s more a walk of thanks where with each step we prepare to accept and understand whatever is up the trail. It’s not anticipation or visualization of “great things in the future,” but a practice-able mindset and heartset of true believing that all of it is a gift. And we don’t have to siphon out the ‘best’ stuff to be thankful for… In the greater scheme of things, not only do we truly not know what’s ‘good’ and what isn’t, but we can’t possibly know in advance all the effects of our own choices, thoughts, and behavior.  

       By acknowledging that gratitude encompasses energy, generosity, and regeneration, we step onto the dance floor of life.




I'm So Happy



I'm so happy right down to my wittle wootsies. My pre-order and launch day sales for "Expedition Costa Rica" came in from Amazon and the numbers are good. 

I just wanted to tell you I'm touched that YOU will be coming into the jungle and sharing my Costa Rica story.

....You don't get rich from being an author, but if you've been writing your whole life, you do get warmed when people buy and read your books. I hope I'm able to continually offer you something new.

WMR  x



Muchas Gracias ~


A short note of big THANKS to all who've purchased 'Expedition Costa Rica.' July was my best month yet in book sales, and although this author journey can be treacherous, I'm joyful to have 3 books out now and sweet reviews so far...

I'm totally looking forward to your impressions about the jungle adventure you'll be having in Costa Rica.

I also need to apologize for Amazon screwing up (4th time now) by showing the book out of stock on the release date. No one can figure out why this happens, but it's an on-going snafu unique to Amazon. You can still order 'Expedition Costa Rica' there—things should be cleared up any minute. You can also always order through me (see right side of this page), or through all other on-line booksellers. Again, I'm really sorry for the inconvenience and annoyance!!

Also, note that the ebook is totally available ($6.99).

Sending sincere thanks, apology, and of course aloha!

~ the kid



Born on the Third of July ~


Expedition Costa Rica was released end of June in pre-order mode. Grab the $3 discount at Amazon before it disappears! The hippie chick's escapades pale in comparison to this little stroll. I should say more about the story to tempt you, but I'd rather you venture into it blind as I did. 

It will ship August 1 from Amazon, or order right here (see panel on right) and get it now! I'm excited to hear what you all think of this adventure.

I'm also planning to re-release 'Some Swamis are Fat.' Since it's being translated into Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, I'm doing a few minor edits, as well, and eliminating the pen-name (Ava Greene). If you haven't read this little book, take a peek.  

Other news is a book-signing at Barnes & Noble in Boulder on September 10, Author Talk at East Hampton Library (Long Island) September 24, Author Evening and interview at Bridgehampton Library (L.I.) Sept. 27, and possibly a book-signing at Burton's Books in Greenport that same week. I'll be signing on Kaua`i July 22 at Talk Story in Hanapepe, and likely again in August. So if you're in any of these places, mark your calendar!

June was scrumptious in Hawai`i, breezy and the right amount of rain. Kauaians are content. And I know Mainlanders are too since summer has arrived. Here's wishing you the Fouth of July spark, good earplugs, a quiet place for your pets, and maybe some fun travel. It's old home weekend for me, born on the third of July.

Happy summer reading and relaxation!

With aloha,





Lotsa book stores, lotsa marijuana dispensaries, lotsa mountain air and mountains. Boulder/Denver was a dazzling change of scenery for a grass-skirted type like me. I could live there. I thought they'd swallow me and my books whole, but no. Turns out dispensaries are for buying drugs, not books. Okay then be like that.

I trucked around non-stop, covering a lot of ground and studying the scene—Boulder, Fort Collins, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and of course Denver. Went to tons of book stores and libraries. Got a book-signing at Boulder Barnes & Noble in the fall, made connections, sold books, and ski-ed the learning curve.

The place is fresh, folks are easy-going—the Colorado brand. The mountains are enticing, with tons of wild animals right there…and you can see them when you drive around. Puts things in perspective when you can't leave food in your car at night because a bear might rip off your car door. (My lodging was in the mountains.) 

Now I'm in Venice for a month. Stand by for "Expedition Costa Rica" news— release date and pre-launch coming soon. 

Hope you, too, are energized and powering on with electricity this season. Here's to strength, stamina, and bright ideas!


Happy Spring !


Sending out springy energy from Long Island. This 3-week respite is the closest thing to a vacation I’ve had in years. Wintry beaches, full moon walks, quiet bedside chats every day with Dad, ferry boat rides over to his retirement community, hot chocolate, and happy hours with old friends and family. I’m a lucky so-and-so. 

My Talk in East Hampton went nicely. I mean, there’s always stuff to learn about publicity, but we knew that… They've asked me back in September, and I'll also be doing a talk then at the Bridgehampton Library. (Please come!) 

I want to gratefully acknowledge all my “I Did Inhale” readers who’ve submitted such awesome reviews on Amazon. I fully acknowledge the effort it takes to write something, then get it onto Amazon, so be assured that a review is the gift that keeps on giving, remains with the book indefinitely, and helps so much!  

“Expedition Costa Rica” is on hold right now as I gear up for a week in Boulder/Denver, where I’m hoping the potheads relate to my title in a big way. Then on to LA for April, and back to Kaua`i May 3. 

So I hope you get some spring in your step at this spectacular time of year—probably more special to someone who lives in the tropics where things like seasons can go almost unnoticed. 

If you’re not on my email list, sign up for alerts about the release of “Expedition Costa Rica” — soon!!

Many blessings and Happy Easter ~ 



~ into the new year ~


Aloha ~

January is my favorite month. It's a time of gently regrouping, ignoring 'resolutions,' and getting back to basics. January seems like the one month of the whole year when the world isn't pulling at you. Of course I live on a tropical island…but I enjoy winter Januaries, too. It's a time to actually live the life you've arranged, rather than being thrust into the social whirl.

For the coming year, I wish everyone strength. And I wish us freedom from inner dialogue we're sick of. I wish everyone opportunities to carve out special moments or hours. And I wish us all permission to be calmer, more universal, less predictable, and more slap-happy, childish, and generous. I wish us more rest, more awareness of all we have, and more resistance to stress.

The Kaua`i chickens are stirred up, but otherwise a gorgeous morning unfolds here. I'm grateful for a good night's sleep, a good book-signing last night at the Hanapepe Art Night, a wintry trip to the Mainland coming up in March—maybe Denver, Boulder and Portland, as well as my usual stops, Long island and Venice, Ca.

"Expedition Costa Rica," my next book, is coming in the first half of 2016. Right now I'm still in the slipstream of "I Did Inhale." If you haven't yet ordered a copy, click the Amazon link to the right and get yours now!!

Have a lovely January!



This one's for you, Dad ~


Joyous Holidays to All ~

Just returned to Hawai`i after 12 days on Long Island—splendid trip, packed with people and emotion, and starring my 94-year-old dad.

It was also fun to be in the whirl of a book-launch. Did a book-signing at Burton’s Book Store in Greenport, sold tons of books to readers, book stores, and libraries, and kind of jumped into the Mainland world of books that doesn’t exist on Kaua`i. We have one book store.

I’m now scheduled for “Author Talk” in East Hampton Library on Saturday, Mar. 12 (1:00 - 2:30 pm). It's free and you’re invited—save the date! 

I want to sincerely thank all who've supported me with emails, book purchases, and good wishes. Plus the reviews on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Much appreciated.

Here’s wishing everyone a righteous holiday filled with giving and laughter. I’m sending out a special prayer and thank you to my amazing dad, who’s had a tough time lately, and who, more than anyone I’ve ever known, lives in the moment and keeps his lights shining whatever the odds. My Christmas wish is for his good health.

And yours! 

With Aloha,


P.S. If you're still in need of a copy of "I Did Inhale," click on the Amazon link to the right! Also, this book is the perfect holiday gift for any avid reader, Boomer, wayfarer, prisoner, or ne'er-do-well. And the ebook is great for commuters.



Yippee !


Folks, "I Did Inhale" is up and running! Click on the Amazon link to the right to see where it has claimed its sacred spot. It's also out on Barnes and Noble and everywhere else.

The book is currently available in pre-order mode. Order it now for $17.99 rather than the full price of $19.99 (as of Nov. 20). Do this if possible because you'll get your book before anyone else, plus it elevates author ranking in the Amazon-sphere. All pre-order sales are tallied into the book's first week's earnings, and the sales bump gives the book more visibility in Amazon searches.

Soon the ebook will also be available in all e-reader formats.

I want to thank everyone who responded to my email announcement with such enthusiasm. It's been great connecting with old and new friends during this launch. 

As we roll into holiday season, I wish you all the best kind of joy, family love, warmth, and friendship. Sit by the fire, read "I Did Inhale," and try to think up a title for your own book of crazy antics.

With aloha,


P.S. Amazon, my new best friend, has somehow collected both my published books plus some film productions I acted in, onto one page. Quite decent of them, couldn't have done it myself. (I don't get any money, though, if you buy the films.)


Aloha and thanks for being here


"I Did Inhale" is in launch mode. Serious work getting a big book out, but we're in the home stretch. Click on the photo link for fun pix.

"Expedition Costa Rica" is ready, too, but "I Did Inhale" will be out first.  Then either poetry, short stories, or "Nicaragua Journal — Back Roads of the Contra War," written from Central America.

I've written numerous books and am now publishing them. I'm excited to hear your comments as you read them! 

Expect changes to this site as more books are released. Leave your email address on the contact page so I can let you know the dates.



General info about my books ~


All my books will always be available in paperback and all ebook formats. You can find them at all on-line booksellers, order them through bookstores, or borrow ebooks through libraries. Audio versions will be available in the future.

Much aloha,



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